Chinese film "The Fourth Wall" wins wide admiration at Cairo Int'l Film Festival

2019-11-26 02:31:51 GMT2019-11-26 10:31:51(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

CAIRO, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) -- Egyptian and foreign audience held their breath while attentively watching the Chinese movie "The Fourth Wall" with its unusual theme and symbolism at the main hall of Egypt's Cairo Opera House as part of the activities of the ongoing 41st Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF).

Co-directed by Zhang Chong and Zhang Bo and starring Wang Ziyi and Liu Lu, the Chinese feature took the audience to two parallel lives of the two protagonists through a journey of self-discovery with key scenes at an abandoned theater in a captivating metaphor of life as a stage.

"It is really a very good film in terms of cinematography and sequence. It is amazing as a journey for self-discovery," said Selange Edwer, an Egyptian young woman in her early 20s, while leaving the theater after watching the film.

"I didn't watch Chinese movies before, but this film as a sample is very interesting. I was really impressed by the performance of the two protagonists," the young woman told Xinhua.

The film tells the story of Liu Lu, a young woman with a scar on her face from a fight during school days, who works for an isolated deer breeding farm, leading a joyless and eventless life. Her old friend and schoolmate Ma Hai tells her that he sees both of them in a parallel life with a different scenario but it is not a dream.

Later during the course of the film, Liu's scar disappears for real, the hole in the fence of the deer farm is no longer there, she finds her missing deer and Ma vanishes.

"The film is very enjoyable. I love this kind of movies where the plot goes all the way in one direction and then has a twist in the end," said Ahmed Tantawy, an Egyptian electronics engineer in his 30s who watched the screening of the film.

"If all Chinese movies are that excellent, I recommend everyone to watch Chinese movies," said the Egyptian engineer, praising the filmmakers for caring about each little detail in "The Fourth Wall."

"The Fourth Wall" is one of the two Chinese films, along with "Summer of Changsha," that take part in the international competition of the 41st CIFF which kicked off on Nov. 20 and continues until Nov. 29. Another Chinese film, "So Long, My Son," will be part of the Official Selection out of Competition.

In a CIFF red carpet ceremony ahead of the screening of the film, co-director Zhang Bo said taking part in the festival is the best prize for the staff as it provides them with a chance to exchange expertise with filmmakers from all over the world.

"It is a very good trend that an increasing number of Chinese films are screened abroad. These films taking part in international festivals can demonstrate the Chinese culture and cinema from all angles," Zhang told Xinhua at the red carpet.

"The Fourth Wall" was also screened at prestigious Shanghai International Film Festival.

For his part, Chinese actor Wang Ziyi, who played Ma, said, "This is probably the most enjoyable role I have ever played."

"The film gives me the opportunity to experience two parallel lives as a protagonist, which is fantastic! I may only have the chance to play such a role once in a lifetime," he added.

The CIFF international jury will award seven prizes for the best film, director, screenplay, actor, actress, artistic contribution and the second work of a director.

The seven-member jury consists of writers, directors and producers from Egypt, China, the United States, Italy, Mexico, Belgium and Morocco, including famous Chinese actress Qin Hailu and well-known Moroccan producer Lamia Chraibi.

Chraibi, who attended the screening of "The Fourth Wall," expressed her admiration of the Chinese cinema.

"I enjoyed the last part of the film that shows a person's parallel life. Of course it is an interesting film that makes you want to discuss it," the Moroccan jury member told Xinhua after watching the film.

"I am so much interested in the Chinese cinema and the Chinese cinematography, open-mindedness, culture and lifestyle," she added.

Among those who came to watch "The Fourth Wall" at Cairo Opera House was Egyptian young actress Yasmeen el-Hawary, who said she as an actress has to watch as many movies as she can to see and learn from different cinema styles and schools.

"The Chinese cinema has a very distinguished and unique history. I believe that the Chinese movies are very advanced particularly in the technical part and the scenario and the Chinese filmmakers are very observant of the details," the Egyptian actress told Xinhua. Enditem