Hundreds of ancient tombs found in north China

2019-11-20 02:54:29 GMT2019-11-20 10:54:29(Beijing Time) Xinhua English

TAIYUAN, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- Chinese archaeologists have found 215 ancient tombs beneath the site of a planned funeral parlor in north China's Shanxi Province.

Experts said the tombs, which cover an area of 125 mu (around 8 hectares) in the city of Shuozhou, date back to between the Warring States Period (475 B.C.-221 B.C.) and the Liao and Jin dynasties (916-1234).

Archaeologists have so far excavated 20 tombs, discovering burial objects such as pottery and lacquerware.

Hao Zhigang, deputy director of the cultural relics bureau in Shuozhou's Shuocheng District, said the new discovery can help the future study of ancient folk customs and the integration of nomadic people with agricultural civilization.

The Great Wall runs through the city of Shuozhou, which borders north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The city used to be a major fortress in ancient times.